About Us, Vision & Mission

About Us


TekCommands vision is to build a world-class portfolio of quality enterprise level products. We believe in thinking ahead.

Our software products and solutions based on Open Standard Technologies using technology neutral platform and technology neutral design is the showcase of our vision of tomorrow. We understand that when you buy our products or services for your enterprise, you look for fast return on investment and complete mental peace. Your area of focus would be a technology agonistic solution, market reputation and big brand name to vouch for the excellence of the solution.

TekCommands aims to be one of the world's foremost centers in the development of effective enterprise level applications and innovative solutions for customers. We believe that in the future, the most vital competitive parameter for businesses will be relationships with their product customers.

Company Values

Continuous Improvement

We believe that we must promote continuous self-improvement and cultivate innovation and creativity. As a company we encourage lifelong learning and on-going development and aim to develop and harness the potential of our people.

Customer Focus

We believe that our Customers are partners in our success. As a company, we develope products of the highest quality within an environment of cautious cost-containment.


We believe that every employee participates in creating our success. As a company we engender respect for one another through the management of diversity. We honor our commitments with our employees, work co-operatively in the spirit of team work, promote open communication and value individual ability.


We believe that we should adopt a professional attitude in all of our transactions with customers, suppliers, employees and management. As a company we cultivate and project a professional image which includes accountability and honesty.


At TekCommands, our mission is to provide unique products and services that exceed our customer expectations by increasing their productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.

TekCommands endeavors to provide professional software products and services to the corporate market as well as smaller businesses, locally and internationally. Our team of technical architects and hardcore developers create a wide repository of products that make life simple for technology service providers and development houses by possessing extensive domain skills in select vertical segments. These are based on open standards and simple belief that "A good solution should be technology agnostic, simple, portable and scalable."