Entwin is a Enterprise DataMobile Portal development and deployment solution that provides the user with a single, Web-Portal style interface on business processes and corporate knowledge by transparently integrating and leveraging the "islands of information" and applications across the enterprise.

The Enterprise DataMobile Portal is a technology that addresses these issues and has the potential to fundamentally change the way Customers view and manage enterprise information from a series of isolated tasks to the integration of knowledge and processes across the enterprise.

Entwin offers Data retrieval and basic OLAP functionalities like Slice, Dice and Filter. It can be used to trace the information path between all the functional Divisions in an Organization.

Integration with Entwin enables the user to switch to the Form-View of the application and also to transform from one application to another.

  • Entwin resides on the Application Objects (Java Beans)
  • Business objects have to be configured when used with Entwin
  • Entwin follows the core OLAP rules